Frequently Asked Questions


Does ONLINE coaching really work?

Coaching Online (or via phone) does work. Julie Lokun Coaching creates a safe and intimate space online in which you will not notice any difference than if you were to be in office. In fact, it is easier to schedule and saves you the commute time. In addtion to coaching sessions, Julie Lokun Coaching offers consistent coach access throughout the week and provides on going motivation, resources and support. Your coaching experience will not end at the end of the session.

Am I ready for coaching?

Are you ready to make the change? Are you ready to work for life altering results? Coaching does not work if you do not work. Whether it be looking to land your first job or whether it be searching for a profound relationship--your elbow grease is essential in acheiving the life you are meant to live.

How do I know my coach is accredited in the field of coaching?

Unfortunately at this moment in time--there is no ONE governing body to regulate the coaching field- (unlike therapists/psychologists who are regulated under the APA-American Psychological Association). Do your due dilligence. If you coach has ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredidation or a specific degree you can feel confident your coach has a solid foundation to create a coaching space condusive to your needs. ** Julie Lokun holds a Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School, a Masters Certification in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington. Your coach should have the solid academic requirements- which looks like a degree (Bachelors or Masters) from an accredited University or College. OR- your coach should be recognized under the ICF ( International Coaching Federation).

What is life coaching?

First, I will tell you what it is not. It is not therapy. We do not take the deep dive into your childhood and try to understand how your past has influenced your present. Coaching is taking you from the present. Coaching is to understand your fully as you are today and understand what your goals are for your life. With an accredited life coach you wil work in collaboration through action and insight to actualize your goals.

What will my coaching experience look like?

Check out REAL LIFE CLIENT, AMY MILLER'S COACHING EXPERIENCE. (Above) Every experience is unique-just like every client is unique. There is no common thread or similarity from one client to the next. Perhaps the only constant is that Julie kicks of the coaching experience with an in-depth, face to face meeting via Skype or similar. From that moment on you and Julie will curate a very specific road map to achieve your goals. There will be a consistent interaction between you and Julie. Together you will collaborate with a program management board, text and have profound conversations regularly. Julie will work as hard as you do. So if you work at a level of 110%-Julie will match or exceed that energy. This should be a fun experience that interweaves a thought-provoking tapestry of action and insights.

What if I start coaching and feel it is not working the way I had intended?

First, let Julie know. Feedback is vital in the coaching experience. If, in fact, you are not seeing the progression you had hoped for, Julie Lokun Personal Coaching and Development LLC will honor your decision and assist in pointing you in the right direction.

How can I be sure Julie is a good life coach? What are her accredidations?

Julie has been coaching for almost a decade. Her dedication to the craft is evident in her 5 star reviews (see "Client's Page"). While coaching is a highly un-regulated industry-Julie found it imperative to have an impressive curriculum vitae so she could not only offer her client's her wisdom, she had an academic foundation that is from post secondary institutions. Julie is an alum of: Indiana University, Bloomington with a BA in Journalism John Marshall Law School, UIC, Chicago with a Juris Doctorate Grand Canyon University, Master's Certification in Life Coaching