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9 Tips To Reverse Aging. (With or Without Botox).

Be an anti-ager.

Aging is inevitable.

What is the alternative?

I will give you one hint: death.

From the moment we are born we are on one singular path.

This is the path of aging.

This inevitable journey towards death begins at day zero.

The fortunate ones are born to parents who lavish adoration upon our entry into this world. Our parents do the best they can with the tools they have to celebrate our seemingly ordinary milestones.

  • We eat solid foods.

  • We walk.

  • We talk.

  • We learn to read.

  • We make a friend.

We learn to dance, play sports, navigate complex relationships, graduate high school, and ultimately, fumble through our years determining what gives us joy. At critical

Julie Lokun circa 1982
Circa 1982

junctures in our life, our accomplishments are celebrated by the cast and crew we surround ourselves with. And then, we repeat this journey by having our own children and the generational cycle of rebirth is extended.

Throughout my extensive conversations with women and men who are navigating the aging process, their wisdom is inevitable. Longing for a bit more time to create a life they want seems to slip through their fingers due to the aging process.

Aging is scary.

It brings us face to face with our mortality. Aging is a reflection in the mirror that frightens us. The slow cadence of crow's feet, sagging jowls, and achy joints become distractors that bring us closer to the inevitable final act of our life on earth.

For some, aging can be debilitating.

The debilitating component of aging leads a staunch few to surgical reinvention, spiritual quests, and a cabinet full of retinol products that promise a fountain of youth. The beauty industry is banking on our spiral towards self-loathing as we age. This booming beauty industry promise joy in a bottle of lotion. They promise us quick fixes to reclaim our vigor. Viagra, Botox, Juvederm, and Oil of Olay are banking on the fact that there is a huge, and sadly lost demographic that not only wants to look younger but to live forever.

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