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What The Experts Have Taught Me: 8 Lessons On Resilience

This roller coaster of life, at points, seems unfair. Especially when we are thrust into a traumatic situation.

I have the privilege of talking with amazing experts every day. This privilege is not taken lightly. In fact, I believe it is my duty to be the ambassador for their platforms as they give of their selves tirelessly to mend broken spirits. My conversations weave in and out of grief, trauma, resilience, toxic families, reactive situations and so much more. I have been educated by the best and today, I share the wisdom imparted to me by these prolific professionals.

I like to give a nod to Mercury being in retrograde. It seems like the past few weeks have been riddled with life-stopping experiences. The weight of this stress has compounded upon my shoulders, so I am putting my pen to paper. Perhaps this is a cathartic indulgence, and more importantly, this may be life-changing for you.


Are you stressed out? Are you reeling from a trauma? Are you in the middle of a life-altering adjustment? If so, read on. If not, read on because the tools that you learn when life is smooth will be the weapons you have to fight when life gets really rocky.

Lessons From The Masters:

Heidi Dunstan: Grief Advocate and Leader in Loss.

Heidi has taught me a new narrative when talking to someone who is experiencing loss. Loss can look like death, a job loss, a breakup, or even something transitional like a move. Heidi lost her husband, unexpectedly the day before her 40th birthday and is now a warrior in grief awareness. Heidi taught me what matters most is that you are there for your person. Loss is triggering for us, and often we are immobilized and unable to find the right words to comfort those closest to us.

Just being there is often enough.

Heidi Dunstan, Leader In Grief Advocay

Julie Riga: Thought Leader and Tedx Speaker: The power of one person can change the trajectory of someone's life. One kind word, one kind gesture can give another human the power to get through their day. We never know the challenges another person faces-and the power of one person who cares has an exponential ripple effect. When she was a teenager, she suffered from Graves disease and felt she was invisible. One person, believed in her and extended a friendship that gave her the courage to be better, do better and stay on course.

Dr. JC Doornick: Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host of Rise Up With Dragon:

Dr. Doonick (aka) Dragon teaches that there is so much untapped potential in taking a pause. How we react distinguishes ourselves from others. The power between the stimulus and the reaction is the moment where we can choose to emotionally respond, or take a pause. This pause gives us the opportunity to look at a situation objectively and respond in accordance. Dragon's wisdom can be heard bi-weekly on his podcast, Rise Up With Dragon. If you want to think a little bit differently about your life- you need to listen.

Rise Up With Dragon, ft. Dr. JC Doornick

Tamara Johnson-Shealey, JM, 2022 US Senate Candidate

Tamara Johnson-Shealey, US Senate Candidate

Tamara is running for US Senate in the state of Georgia. When I asked her how she dealt with naysayers in her life and in her campaign, she clearly stated that she was so strong in her mission that nothing else could distract her from her purpose and mission. She has a firm foundation in her faith and finds resilience in her purpose, she is leading her community towards change and is unwavering in her fight to right the wrongs her ancestors have endured.

Tamara is a testament to grit and perseverance. Tamara taught me that if you see wrong, make it right- no matter what distractors throw your way.