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Updated: May 17, 2022

Be an anti-ager.

Aging is inevitable.

What is the alternative?

I will give you one hint: death.

From the moment we are born we are on one singular path.

This is the path of aging.

This inevitable journey towards death begins at day zero.

The fortunate ones are born to parents who lavish adoration upon our entry into this world. Our parents do the best they can with the tools they have to celebrate our seemingly ordinary milestones.

  • We eat solid foods.

  • We walk.

  • We talk.

  • We learn to read.

  • We make a friend.

We learn to dance, play sports, navigate complex relationships, graduate high school, and ultimately, fumble through our years determining what gives us joy. At critical

Julie Lokun circa 1982
Circa 1982

junctures in our life, our accomplishments are celebrated by the cast and crew we surround ourselves with. And then, we repeat this journey by having our own children and the generational cycle of rebirth is extended.

Throughout my extensive conversations with women and men who are navigating the aging process, their wisdom is inevitable. Longing for a bit more time to create a life they want seems to slip through their fingers due to the aging process.

Aging is scary.

It brings us face to face with our mortality. Aging is a reflection in the mirror that frightens us. The slow cadence of crow's feet, sagging jowls, and achy joints become distractors that bring us closer to the inevitable final act of our life on earth.

For some, aging can be debilitating.

The debilitating component of aging leads a staunch few to surgical reinvention, spiritual quests, and a cabinet full of retinol products that promise a fountain of youth. The beauty industry is banking on our spiral towards self-loathing as we age. This booming beauty industry promise joy in a bottle of lotion. They promise us quick fixes to reclaim our vigor. Viagra, Botox, Juvederm, and Oil of Olay are banking on the fact that there is a huge, and sadly lost demographic that not only wants to look younger but to live forever.

The wealthiest humans on earth, like Jeff Besos, are betting on the idea of immortality. According to El Pais, the secretive startup, Altos Labs finds that the anti-aging industry is ready to crush it. El Pais finds that Altos Labs is recruiting top scientists to lead the anti-aging revolution. Lead scientist, Manuel Serrano did reflect on the idea of rejuvenation in said, “The most important change that has occurred in this field is to begin to consider aging as a disease, as something that can be manipulated. In mice it has been reversed, it has been possible to make them live longer, even to make an old mouse young again. That was science fiction 10 years ago,” he said at the time. “I imagine that if it can be done in a mouse it can be done in humans. It will be more difficult, but I think there will be anti-aging therapies in the relatively near future, in 10, 20, or 30 years. I doubt that will make us immortal, but we’re heading in that direction.”

Lotions, Potions, and Chasing Your Youth.

I have nothing against creams and promises of youth found at the bottom of a jar. I remember my grandmother handing me a blue tin of the dense, thick white cream, Nivea. Grandma would lather it on after a day at the beach with her. I would watch her massage the thick, white paste onto her wrinkled legs and spotted face. She would apply Nivea all over her body, look in the mirror, pinch her cheeks, and walk away. She was confident. She was satisfied with herself. She walked proudly in the armor she had accumulated during her escape from the Nazi regime. She proudly presented her battle wounds as a tribute to fighting for the American Dream. She was unapologetic as she aged because she earned this badge of honor. Grandma found her fountain of youth, in lapping up romance novels, walking in the brisk, early morning air, and preparing meals for her family. She knew her purpose on this earth and the beauty industry could not tell her any differently.

The idea of anti-aging is a new phenomenon that my grandmother only had a small taste of. According to Forbes:

The worth of the global beauty industry is currently at $532 billion.

Its compound-annual-growth-rate (CAGR) ranges between 5% and 7%. With how fast and high it’s going, it will be close to doubling its current figure in a few years.

Lesson One:

Own your power. Own your intelligence and avoid the scam. Be vigilant. Do your due diligence. When you are promised the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, beware.

If you are promised the fountain of youth. Remember there is no such thing.

Our wants as aging humans:

  • We all want to be rejuvenated.

  • We all want our brains to work like they did when they were 25.

  • We all want skin elasticity.

  • We all want mental clarity.

  • We all want physical agility

  • We all want skin hydration.

  • We all want deep connections and relationships.

  • We all want a purpose to foster our meaning on earth.

Consumers are being preyed upon by their weaknesses.

Example: You feel fat= Loose 10lbs in one week

Example: You need your business to grow = Grow your business on Instagram. 100000 followers guaranteed.

Example: I am lonely= Date me, I am a beautiful person, with a good job and like long walks on the beach

As we age, we can become vulnerable to predators that prey upon our insecurities and weakness. It is ok to be vulnerable as we age. In fact, vulnerability is a key factor to excellence in leadership. However, when we are vulnerable and stupid, this opens the doors to promises unkept. We have the option to chase false promises of youth or we have the option to take our power back.

I am, simply, a woman who dances between the inevitability of aging and the horror of my mortality. When I wake up every morning I am reminded that time is marching on. This gentle reminder is cataloged by my wrinkles, my thinning hair, and my inability to recall things that happened yesterday.

With intention, I replace the negative loop in my head with the deep knowing that every day I wake is a gift. I am on a mission to reverse the aging process with minimal intervention. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe it is. You be the judge.

However, I know what works for me and this is what I share with you.

Aging is a gift we have that reminds us that we are put on this earth for a reason. This is how you fight through the white noise, promises of a fountain of youth and celebrate the gift of your age.

  • Find your purpose. You have heard the tale as old as time: The guy who works for a company for 50 years and retires. He receives his gold watch and then dies a week later. He has lost his purpose. Having a purpose in your life is more powerful than diet and exercise combined. Think about that.

  • Wash your face. Creating a nighttime ritual that rids your body of toxins and prepares you for 8 hours of peaceful slumber is a key component of longevity. Slathering up your face with soap is a vehicle for self-care and a nod to exfoliating dead skin cells away and preparing for a fresh face tomorrow.

  • Read. Your brain is hungry for new information. When we expand our thoughts through reading, conversations, and experiences the neuroplasticity of our brain structure expands.

  • Move your body. There is nothing more detrimental to our existence that a sedentary lifestyle. Make movement a part of your routine. Do yoga. Walk. Run. Stretch.

  • Engage in meaningful relationships. Whatever you love, whatever drives your passion make a concerted effort to connect. Connection is the key to a purpose-driven life. Connection is what drives our daily actions.

  • Brush your teeth. The health of your mouth is in direct correlation with your overall health. See your dentist every 6 months.

  • Find a physician you trust. : Create a bond with your family physician. Be fastidious with your appointments and reach out when you have questions. Creating a relationship with a trusted physician is foundational to your overall wellness.

  • Don't ignore your mental health: Life gets hard and don't be afraid to ask for help. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. These two aspects of health are intrinsically intertwined. There is no shame in the mental health game.

  • When all else fails: try Botox: I say this with cheeky sincerity. If you are struggling through the rocky challenges of life-do what makes you joyful. Think outside of the box. Figure out what feeds your soul.

Follow breadcrumbs of joy.

We all are met with dark days. And sometimes the remedy is a new pair of shoes or a random conversation with a stranger that reignites our energy. And, sometimes, just sometimes, Botox, will be the medicine that reinvigorates our soul.

Just remember, do you. Do you in a glorious fashion. If anything, celebrate today because we are not promised a tomorrow.

You Got This--Jules

Listen to our latest episode on embracing the vulnerability of aging with Neeahtima Dowdy on Obsessed!

And a big thank you to my favorite doctor who keeps me feeling youthful--

Dr. Patel is a board-certified physician specializing in medical aesthetics. A pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics, and with a decade of experience, she is sought-after for her expertise in cosmetic rejuvenation.

Dr. Patel has multiple Allergan Mastercourse injection days and high satisfaction and results with Botox Cosmetic. She has achieved prestigious Platinum Status with Allergan, and patients recognize her dedication to offering safe, proven treatments and therapies to prevent and correct aging skin concerns.

Dr. Patel has a warm and gracious approach and puts education and patient goals first in presenting an individualized, comprehensive rejuvenation plan.


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The dawn of The Great Resignation in 2021 has initiated Corporate America to want more from their professional life. We are wanting to command our lives on our own terms.

The Great Resignation is leading millions of savvy, outside-the-box thinkers to the promised land of entrepreneurship. The latest statistics confirm that employees want to be released from corporate strongholds. In fact, these numbers showed that 4.5 million people voluntarily left their positions in November–an “all-time high,” according to the US Bureau of Labor and Economics.

This visceral movement from being an employee to being your own boss has created a flood of newly-born creatives who want to call their own shots. With an onslaught of newbies carving out their niches, competition seems fierce. However, the competitive advantage is simply, there is no competition.

Yes, this is correct, there is no such thing as competition. Understanding your brand and distinguishing yourself from the rest is your greatest weapon in creating a business that thrives, not just survives. Surrounding yourself with mentors and experts in your field is too, essential in doing business right.

Myth-My Business Will Grow With Ease and Rapidly

Building a business from scratch takes time. Like anything worthwhile, a viable business takes time. My clients often seem baffled at one point in their business development journey. This point is when they have poured their heart and soul into a business and receive little ROI. They crave their efforts and passion to be validated and become confused by the white noise of “advisors” who offer quick and tidy solutions to their business problems. The one thing I know for sure is that nothing in business is quick or tidy. If something seems to be too good to be true, well, it is too good to be true.

The internet, while a dear friend of mine, is a nexus of quick fixes and promises of big breaks. Find opportunities to network, learn and grow. Slow and steady is how we win the race. Do not diminish the power of Google. Google can make or break businesses these days. Befriend the powerful Google Engine, by creating an SEO-rich website. Make Google your closest alliance in building your business.

Tips to razzle dazzle Google:

  • Start a Google Business- I am a staunch believer that Google Business is the backbone of my business. I pride myself on my 5 star reviews and Google agrees. I get referrals from Google daily because of my intentionality of curating a powerful presence with Google Business.

  • Be a guest on podcasts.

  • Write blogs or be a guest blogger.

  • Send out press releases and court local and national media outlets.

  • Speak on stages- even if it is at your local library.

  • Have a powerful LinkedIn profile (yes this is social media, however, Google likes LinkedIn and adds to your credibility)

  • Utilize other powerful search engines like YouTube and Pinterest. (Pinterest is an unsung giant in search engine optimization)

  • Write a book-YES I KNOW THIS IS A BIG ASK, however, writing that book leverages you as an expert and gets Google to notice you.

Myth- It is all about followers on social media.

Social Media is a land upon which we stake our claim, and we do not own this land. Facebook crashes, Instagram crashes and there are those infamous hackers who take over everything.

Followers and likes do not make a business. In fact, I have seen a lot of businesses fail because their energy invested into cultivating a perfect look on social media and garnering followers is energy wasted. The key to building any business is building authentic relationships. The handshake is the most powerful ingredient in building a relationship. Having potential clients, know, like, and trust you is when they feel comfortable in your ecosystem.

This takes time. This is not neat and tidy. The road to building true connective relationships means putting yourself out there and leveraging your expertise.

Myth- I can do it alone.

Unfortunately, we cannot do it alone. Find a mentor. Get a coach. Rise to the occasion and understand that your brilliance will be muted if you allow your ego to steer the ship. If anything, reach out to a mentor on is the gold standard in matching new business owners with local mentors. The icing on the cake is that they do this for free. You are matched with a professional who has the experience to guide you through the daunting process of building a business you love. These mentors provide you with tools to develop a strategy for your ultimate success.

You Got This--Jules

Julie Lokun, JD. a legal eagle and facilitator of dreams, is changing the trajectory of underserved entrepreneurs who are using their voice to make an impact. As a mom of four (4) boys, Julie has learned to leverage her power to lead a bustling household while also serving as the head maven of Crown & Compass Life Coaching. She adeptly "anoints and points" -- directing the strategic growth of businesses and professionals around the globe. Julie has delivered presentations on the big stage, and in virtual events. With a background in law, she teases through complex information and gets to the root of issues, telling deep, compelling stories that resonate with audiences far and wide. She is a celebrated best-selling author of the entrepreneurial series, Hustle Smart, the owner of The Mediacasters Publishing House with several bestselling titles, and is a 5-star business coach. In the spring of 2021, Julie launched a swiftly growing podcast, Obsessed with Humans On The Verge of Change which is already in the top 3% of all podcasts globally.*

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You are your brand. You have the choice to create a brand that is mediocre or build an empire that is unforgettable.

Isn't it time to be unforgettable? The journey of building a thriving business is a test of our faith and a testimony to our resilience.

According to Kathleen Palmer, a personal brand is

"the entirety of how you present yourself in the world. It encompasses who you are as a person, as an employee, and as an expert in your chosen field. Creating your personal brand can be the linchpin in achieving your professional goals, by providing a fuller picture of who you are to your potential employer".

What do people say when you leave the room? Are they overwhelmed with your generosity, your flamboyance, your intellect? Or do people simply forget that you were there?

If you are an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, or public figure your brand is your identity. The easy part is to create the vision, write the book, or launch a podcast, the challenge comes in keeping it alive. Without you at the helm of your product or service, you are easily forgettable. If you are not in the trenches curating your brand then everyone else is doing it for you. This is something you need to do every day. This is something you need to distinguish yourself so you become unforgettable.

As a creative, I understand that the idea of being consistent in your brand visibility seems overwhelming. We are fed as a generation, that social media is the end-all-and be-all of marketing. I will attest that this is a falsehood. In fact, social media, while an important element of a marketing plan, is not a place to put all your energy. Putting all our eggs in one basket can lead to disruption. When we focus all of our attention on social media, we give the power to a bigger entity that owns ALL of our content. Social media is working on borrowed land.

Doing the same thing everyone else is doing makes us a part of the white noise. When we start to think outside of the box, we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Building your brand is born the same way that brands have been built for hundreds of years. It starts with a handshake. It grows into a relationship of knowing, liking, and trust. When a relationship is formed you will garner a true following of readers, clients, and participants in your programs.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos

Establishing yourself as an expert is where you need to start.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What Do I Do Differently Than Anyone Else?

  • How Do I Present My Service or Brand Better Than Anyone Else?

  • How Can I Distinguish Myself From The White Noise?

  • How Can I Describe My Brand In One Sentence?

  • What Do People Say About Me After I leave The Room?

If you are not purposeful in your branding efforts, you will be branded by everyone you come into contact with. When you are serious about growing, scaling, and monetizing your efforts it is imperative you start considering the following tools to leverage yourself as an expert.

Be Unforgettable-

This is the work you need to do. Do it with joy.

The objective of most entrepreneurs and creatives is to get seen (and get clients). This can be a daunting task. The most important aspect of visibility is leveraging yourself as an expert. Leveraging your expertise cannot be expected, it needs to be commanded.

Where do you begin?

How can you present yourself online and in-person as an expert in what you do?

WARNING-- This advice is for visionaries. This guidance is for creatives and entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven and who have the understanding that their mission on earth is to leave their legacy.

Building a multi-dimensional business means leveraging your expertise on a variety of platforms. It means creating a substantial online presence, being consistent, and understanding the audience you serve. I recognized as a newly minted entrepreneur that I had to distinguish myself. I understood that I had to take risks and exercise my due diligence as an explorer of human psychology.

Before you understand the power of your expertise, understand your audience.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the pain point of your potential client?

  • What keeps them up at night?

  • What do they need, want, and desire?

Understanding your audience's pain points is the first step in curating your message. The second is the ability to articulate your solution to their deepest needs.

Understand that you need to do something bigger and bolder than everyone else to demarcate yourself as an expert.

This is how I have found exponential success in building my business.

  1. WRITE THE BOOK- This may seem unattainable. However, with the dawn of Amazon and KDP, the ability to self-publish your book is available to the masses. Be certain to have an editor, understand the ins and outs of the overall layout of your book, and have a supportive community that will give you valuable feedback. Writing and publishing your book commands your expertise.

  2. LAUNCH THE PODCAST- A well-executed podcast is a gateway to conversations and collaborations that you would not have as a non-podcaster. Podcasting is the "leg in the door", giving you the opportunity to court people that are potential clients and collaborators.

  3. START SPEAKING ON STAGES- If you have established your expertise, the stages call for your message. The title of "TEDx" opens doors that do not close. Speaking on stages is a way to monetize your business and grow your confidence as a professional.

  4. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS- Dismiss social media. Dismiss the white noise of arbitrary advice from YouTubers, Influencers, and the like. My greatest success is through creating relationships the old-fashioned way. There is no power greater than the handshake.

Remember, it all begins with you. You have the choice to create an influential change in your life and business.


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