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I provide weekly in-depth conversations.  We, together dig deep and I observe patterns that you may not see.  My approach to your coaching experience is to understand where you are at -right now at this moment in time and where you want to go.


I couple sessions with integrative action plans, consistent access to resources, motivation and coach feedback throughout your week.  I work as hard as you do as you claim victory.

Real Julie Lokun Coaching client, 
Kindra Beck, explains her life-altering coaching experience.
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Praise for Julie Lokun


"Julie is outstanding! She is genuinely invested in the success of her clients, often going the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. She is warm and funny, has great energy, and a deep perspective. I highly recommend her - she'll help you change your life in amazing ways!"

Gina D | October 2019

"Julie is truly amazing and has helped me both personally and professionally. She's especially good at noticing patterns and providing ideas and solutions to help you break out of your old patterns and thought processes. Also, she's just a cool person to know. I highly recommend!"

Amy M | July 2019


"Since I have connected with Julie as my life coach, my life has changed. She is down to earth, honest, a great listener and has a thought provoking approach on how she coaches you through your goals. I have now signed my husband and daughter up to work with her. If you are looking for someone to coach you to the next level in life. "


Delma S. | February 2021

I searched for jobs for two years before meeting Julie. Within two months of working with her, I landed a job that I love. Julie helped me find my voice and confidence.

Melanie R | September 2020

collaborative journaling

Julie Lokun Coaching offers interactive journaling as a tool to gain self-awareness. For clients who enjoy putting pen to paper-interactive journaling can be key in expressing gratitude as well as clarifying goals.

Clients are encouraged to journal privately online and share with Julie.  Within 48 hours you will receive a thoughtful, guided response.

Julie Lokun Coaching



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