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Join experts Corinna Bellizzi, Julie Lokun, Nicki Pascarella, and Julie Riga For a 3P experience (Publishing, Podcasting & Presenting).

If you are an entrepreneur or have always dreamed of sharing your voice with the world, The 3P workshop is an interactive experience that allows you to leverage your expertise through podcasting, publishing, and presenting. 

Building your dream business takes ingenuity, resilience, and agility. In this jam-packed workshop, you will learn the tools you need to leverage your expertise, use your voice on different platforms, and how to monetize your efforts. 

This professional development seminar will take the guesswork out of your brand expansion. It is led by leaders in publishing, podcasting, and speaking. You will receive an easy-to-understand guide on how to publish your book, launch and market your podcast, and how to get on stage to spread your message.

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