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With the bittersweet conclusion of Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign, the lessons of Elizabeth's leadership as sovereign cannot be minimalized. Elizabeth was thrust onto the throne, untethered and relatively untrained. She inherited a multi-dimensional position as sovereign of her country and the figurehead of the Commonwealth of Nations. For seven decades, Elizabeth forged her way through triumph, tragedy and trauma, yet experienced exponential growth and unrivaled admiration.

As an entrepreneur, it is with a keen eye that we must glean through the thicket of immense experiences Elizabeth forged. As a business owner, lessons on her leadership hold a dynamic approach to how we must conduct our business. Queen Elizabeth understood that her platform was as a visionary. Her platform was not focused on immediate gratification, yet it was positioned to weather volatility. Her Majesty understood the power of playing the long game.

1. Keep calm and carry on

As an entrepreneur, we are subjected to wild rides of instability, growth, and innovation. Elizabeth ascended to the throne through an unexpected turn of events. Her uncle Edward resigned, leaving Elizabeth's father the hesitant heir to the throne. Elizabeth began her young adulthood not positioning herself as one of the most powerful figureheads in the world. Instead, she was swept up in a passionate marriage to Philip, a swashbuckling naval officer who gallantly provided adventure and normalcy for the young princess.

At age 26, while on an official tour of Kenya, Princess Elizabeth became Queen. Her father died at an early age, and in his last heartbeat, she became sovereign. With the stoicism of her forefathers, she embraced her duties and became, perhaps, the most famous working mother on the planet. Elizabeth understood the importance of duty and securing the legacy of the crown.

The lesson learned is that while we, as entrepreneurs, are faced with incredible highs and lows, we must maintain an equilibrium. We must understand the prioritization of duties and carry them out to our fullest capacity. Riding the wave of the unknown and having the tenacity to maintain the clarity of the mission is essential for long-term growth and success.

2. Never complain, never explain

Legend has it that the motto of the Windsor Family is, "Never Complain, Never Explain." This credo speaks to the strength in leadership as the cornerstone of being the beacon for our brand. Queen Elizabeth was the brand of the United Kingdom. She was steadfast and consistent and did not dabble in frivolities, political alliances and hearsay.

When modern leaders are often swept up in the diversions of drama, conducting themselves in a discretionary manner and surrounding themselves with trusted advisors creates an ecosystem of respect. It is important to monitor your brand's presence and be consistent in the messaging you wish to illicit.

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3. Adapt to change

The Queen's reign spanned seven decades which weaved in and out of social, political and personal changes. Her career timeline shadows a documented history aligned with public adoration and dipped into sheer dislike.

Her accession was baptized in the bleak austerity of a post-war reality and morphed into the glamour and youth that inaugurated her position as a sovereign. Elizabeth, in the 90s, fell subject to deep distaste for the stoic leader unable to connect with her country after the death of Princess Diana. Ultimately, her legacy was built upon her steadfast ability to adapt during challenging times.

Queen Elizabeth's popularity weaved in and out of satisfaction, adoration and complacency. Her ability to ascertain her empire's trends, needs and desires kept her a steady presence in the consciousness of her brand's consumption.

This adaption is equally as important to entrepreneurs navigating fluctuations in their business. A solid business model should have the underpinnings to support turbulent markets, trends and socio-economic changes. It is important to understand your business's long-term vision and viability and be flexible in how you approach your brand's positioning.

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4. Train your predecessors

Building a business is an arduous task and can feel isolating. You must have a backup plan and a predecessor who understands the mission and vision of your business. Queen Elizabeth, with diligence, strategically mentored and trained her heirs apparent. Elizabeth instinctively understood that the monarchy's viability rested not only upon her shoulders but on the shoulders of her heirs, Charles, William and George. With precision, the most recent royal optics portrayed her successors as strong and capable members of the firm.

Elizabeth's extensive tenure as monarch lent her the ability to train and mentor future monarchs. She forged exclusive time to coach them on the responsibilities they were expected to complete. Elizabeth understood, through experience, that it was her duty to pass the torch to the following generations.

As with entrepreneurs, it is essential to carve out valuable time to mentor and teach your team so they have the tools to facilitate your business's ultimate mission and goals. Queen Elizabeth's legacy and lessons will live on for generations to follow. Her leadership has provided a formidable roadmap for leaders worldwide.

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You have a brand. You have a business. You are an author, a singer, a podcaster, and an entrepreneur. So now what? Get my biggest tips for generating buzz without paying the high ticket price of a PR agent.

What is PR? Public relations, PR for short, is what gives you the two most important things that you need as an entrepreneur (or creative)— authority and credibility. PR is a tool that injects your brand, your mission, and your call to action into the public's consciousness.

Beware of The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Social Media

According to Forbes:

Social Media Fails. Yes, social media is a noisy environment. And simply adding more posts to the ocean is an immediate failure by the agency or by an entrepreneur. So is spending inordinate money to “buy followers” or to get people with massive followings to share or re-tweet. But the ability to get meaningful stories amplified through social media in the places your customer's visit is a powerful PR maneuver. Particularly when the message is micro-targeted through Facebook tagged to a particular topic on Instagram or Twitter, or shared through a special interest group, social media wields massive power beyond the original audience who sees an article when it comes up in the press.

Social Media has lowered the bar for do-it-yourself public relations. Social Media takes your power away, because they own the land that you promote your brand.

Understand the power of your brand and understand the newsworthy angle to your brand identity. You can create a newsworthy angle to your brand by following trends in your industry. I use Feed Spot to monitor competition and understand what is working for my competitors and what is not working.

Follow the trends and news stories that are current on most people's feeds.

Ask yourself: What is happening today in the news and how can my messaging apply to the most current topics?

Create A Memorable Pitch

A public relations pitch is a convincing attempt to garner the attention of media outlets and journalists. This pitch must be a short personalized message that outlines the value of a story and explains why it should be published. Typically the pitch should be 150 words long but can reach up to 400 words. This pitch should be short, engaging, and timely for the topic. Journalists and broadcasters do not have the time to pour over hundreds of pitches so it is important to get their attention.

Crafting The Pitch

  • Number one, you need a timely news hook that’s relevant to the outlet.

  • Two, sell the topic first and yourself second.

  • Three, include statistics that back up your claims with facts.

  • Four, provide talking points.

  • Five, make sure that you stand for something.

What makes you memorable? What makes your message irresistible and newsworthy? When you are confident in your pitch, start your research. Begin the deep dive into researching periodicals, journalists, and media outlets that cover topics you are an expert in. Muck Rack is a great resource to find journalists that cover stories in your industry.

Use the all-mighty tool of Google to find journalists who are obsessed with what you opine. Reach out to these journalists with your perfected pitch via email response. If you are bold enough, call them. Engagement and relationship building is key to growing a repository of a journalist fanbase. Do not get discouraged by silence or the inevitable "no". It takes time to build a cadence of public adoration. It takes time to build a brand of substance.

You Got This- Jules

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I am a true crime junkie. This is a fact. I am obsessed with missing persons and trying to find the clues that police and detectives have missed. I position myself as a makeshift FBI agent who often gets caught up in the rabbit hole of crime solving. The deranged hearts of fictional characters like Hanibal Lector to the real-life criminal masterminds like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and The Unabomber hold an intrepid space in my legal brain.

In 1980-something, my tv viewing was subjugated to 5 networks.

Millennials, I hope you feel my pain.

We were served broadcasts that consisted of network-produced shows that left us addicted to The Cosbys, The Keatons, and The Conners. We were introduced to the rebel network Fox (sidebar: it is not the conservative Fox Network we see today). The Fox network gave us salty line-ups including the iconic show The Simpsons and irreverent programming like Married With Children. Amidst the programming coo that was 1980s Fox, I had my first dalliance with true crime.

The Fox Network rolled out a superstar. John Walsh, the host of America's Most Wanted. To date, the show has facilitated the capture of over 1000 fugitives. Walsh, whose story began with the disappearance and murder of his 6-year-old son, Adam. Adam Walsh, son of John and Revé Walsh was abducted on July 27, 1981, when he was six years old. What was so terrifying about this story was that it could have happened to anyone, in a department store, when Revé had been absent for only a moment. After searching the area, no one could locate the missing child. Adam was murdered; his severed head was found two weeks later, but his body was never recovered.

In 2004, the crime junkie in me hit close to home. My best friend in college was met with a nightmare. My friend, Keri Dattilo, was granted the unwanted position of championing her cousin Molly Dattilo's return. Along with Molly's family, they rang alarm bells and garnered media attention when the police ignored their pleas.

According to an article from the website UNCOVERED was a wonderfully sweet young woman who had a promising future ahead of her.

The Story of Molly's disappearance:

When Molly went missing

The day Molly disappeared—July 6, 2004—she attended classes and did some shopping before walking to a Wendy’s near her brother’s apartment around 7:00 pm to drop off a job application. On her way there, she ran into a friend of her brother’s, who spoke briefly with her. This friend would later recall that Molly had her cell phone with her at the time they spoke.

Later that evening, Molly attended a party at the Westlake Apartments complex, where she met a man named John E. Shelton. At some point, Molly and John left the party to take a rowboat out on the complex’s retention pond, then ate dinner at a nearby Taco Bell. Around 11:00 pm, they ended up at a Thornton’s gas station about 3 miles from the Taco Bell—but in the opposite direction of the Westlake Apartments.

Molly attempted to call a friend from the gas station’s pay phone, but the line disconnected as soon as the friend answered. That was the last time anyone other than John E. Shelton saw or heard from Molly. When questioned, he claimed he took Molly home after they left the gas station.

Declared legally dead after 13 years missing

Molly’s brother did not immediately report Molly missing because it wasn’t abnormal for her to be away from the apartment due to her busy schedule and social life. After two days without seeing or hearing from Molly, however, her brother became worried and notified the police on July 8, 2004.

At first, law enforcement treated Molly’s disappearance as if Molly simply left on her own (at 22 years old, she was legally an adult), and they did not open an investigation right away. When authorities learned that Molly’s belongings—including her car, cell phone, bank card, money, and ID—were still at her brother’s apartment, they began to consider that foul play may have been involved. The fact that Molly’s phone was found in her brother’s apartment is noteworthy because it means she (or someone with her phone) was in her brother’s apartment sometime after Molly delivered the job application at Wendy’s when her brother’s friend saw her with her phone.

After losing valuable investigation time soon after Molly’s disappearance, police did not have any luck identifying a suspect or finding Molly. The family took matters into their own hands, launching a campaign to get Molly’s story into the media and collect any intel they could to uncover leads.

They also began advocating for a new law that would require law enforcement to act immediately in cases of adult missing persons where the missing person is considered high risk. Enacted in 2007 and updated in 2013, the Molly Dattilo Law directs law enforcement to take missing person reports about adults and to begin investigating immediately if the missing person is considered at high risk of being in danger.

Based largely on their own investigation and what little information they could get from police, Molly’s family became convinced that John E. Shelton and his father, Edward Shelton, were responsible for Molly’s disappearance and likely death. While authorities were not prepared to bring criminal charges against John E. Shelton, the Dattilo family worked with an attorney to file a civil lawsuit against him and his father, which resulted in a judgment that awarded the Dattilos nearly $3.5 million in damages.

Molly’s family assumes they will never receive any money—John E. Shelton is currently in prison, and his father’s whereabouts are unknown—but they were relieved to get what little justice they could on Molly’s behalf.

In 2017, more than 13 years after Molly’s disappearance, a judge signed an order declaring Molly Dattilo legally dead.

Where the case stands today

There have been no criminal charges filed in Molly’s case, but the family believes John E. Shelton and his father, Edward, are responsible for Molly’s death. They hope that one day Molly will receive the full justice of a criminal conviction and that they will find Molly’s remains so they can lay her to rest.

Anyone with information regarding Molly Dattilo’s disappearance, death, or the location of her remains should contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS (8477) or the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)

at 317-327-6160.

Side Note:

➡The police did not start an active search or start an investigation for 6 weeks after her disappearance.

Person Of Interest:

The main suspect John E. Shelton of Indianapolis is currently incarcerated for 26 years. He has been convicted of dealing methamphetamines and is deemed a habitual offender.

John E. Shelton case files:

John E Shelton v. State of Indiana :: 2021 :: Indiana Court of Appeals Decisions :: Indiana Case Law :: Indiana Law :: US Law :: Justia

Molly's family has been in agony for the past 18 years. Let's bring Molly home.

How can you help solve this case?

Keep talking about it. Share this information with everyone you know. Keep talking. Keep the pressure on alleged perpetrators. Do not give up. If you know someone who is missing, do everything you can to keep your loved one's name in the headlines.

Finally- Join us on the Clubhouse App for a powerful conversation about Molly's disappearance and legacy. We will be joined by her family members and experts on this pivotal case that changed legislation.

JOIN US ON TUESDAY JULY 18th at 6 PM CST. This is how we will keep Molly's legacy alive and bring her back home.⬇

Cold Case: The True Crime & Disappearance of Molly Dattilo - The True Crime Club - Clubhouse

Please reach out if you have any tips or information on the disappearance of Molly Datillo. #findmolly

For more information about the disappearance of Molly Datillo check out this site:

The Charley Project

Bring Molly home.

You got this- Jules

Support Molly and buy a #findmolly t-shirt
100% of proceeds go to support the Molly Dattilo case.

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