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The Julie Lokun Personal Coaching Experience is a life coaching approach that will create a significant shift in your life. Your career, relationships, and health are all interrelated so it is important to address each area that is needing improvement. 

Julie is an expert in career coaching, receiving national recognition in resume writing and LinkedIn design.  She offers coaching in relationship healing and overall wellness. 


Her results-driven coaching method will open new opportunities for clarity, accountability, and true success.

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Julie Lokun Business Coach

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Julie Lokun has a proven track record in personal performance coaching with a master's certification in life coaching and a Juris Doctorate.


She is an acclaimed author, of Hustle Smart, which gives entrepreneurs privileged access to the key building blocks that create a successful business. This mission of this book is to help entrepreneurs build a business that utilizes the four pillars all successful businesses use by optimizing:






Julie is the podcast host of OBSESSED, a self-help podcast that dives deep into the topics that women deal with daily. This motivational podcast for women is about women and their daily challenges.  If you are wanting to create a new platform for your business and widen your brand's appeal, Julie will walk you through the steps in launching a podcast


 Julie's core mission is to pay it forward,  As an activist for equalizing the human experience, she founded the grassroots advocacy group #REALMECAMPAIGN which encourages young women to volunteer in different capacities.


Julie is a wife and a mother to four boys (yes, four), but finds center every day in being mindful of her blessings.

Julie understands the power of your mind and facilitates substantive change through her coaching.  For nearly a decade Julie has assisted her clients in reaching their goals through accessing their peak performance.  Her accolades include awards in business development, career transitional expertise, and relational change management.  

Julie is known in the industry as a thought leader in life coaching by optimizing human relationships, both personal and professional and she seeks to motivate her clients to live their best lives.


Julie helped me find potential that I could never articulate and presented me with an unmatched trajectory that leveled up my career

Carol S | Chicago, IL

Julie Lokun Resume Writing


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Career Coaching

A thought leader in career and business development, Julie offers executive coaching services that are curated for various levels of your professional requirements. 

Including :

Expert resume writing.  which optimizes content development and redrafting.  Included in your resume package are LinkedIn Support and Applicant Tracking System alignment. Develop strategies to create a powerful presence when interviewing, and impact your industry with Premiere Personal Branding.

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Wellness Coaching

Tried Everything? How do you lose weight for good?

Fad Diets are a thing of the past-moderation and sustainability are the key ingredients to modifying your wellness journey.


Are you feeling the effects of a lack-luster lifestyle? Julie's approach to wellness is non-restrictive and does not lead to deprivation. 

 Invest in yourself and integrate healthy techniques that optimize your overall well-being.  Not a fad! Real Results.

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Relationship Coaching

Navigating Relationships in your life?  Feel confident and gain clarity as you add value to your most intimate relations. Learn how to stop overthinking every decision you make.

Julie brings her background in law to help service individuals contemplating divorce or healing from divorce.  If you are stressed, angry, or have anxiety because of a divorce or breakup coaching can help you navigate the rollercoaster you are experiencing. 

 Julie's legal acumen, coupled with her master's certification in life coaching is an essential support to navigating relationships that are challenged. 

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